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questions about replacing lcd+screen digitizer on lg ms631 g stylo

joe chopo

Feb 19, 2016
I ordered a LCD & touch screen digitizer already assembled they didn't send no directions can't find nothing on exact detail what I did wrong cus screen just stays dim color no picture nothing buttons work I hear the camra taking pics wen I hit button. If I forgot to take plastic film on back of LCD before installing it in phone would that cause screen to have no pic then on back of LCD frame the bottom part of the phone were the flex cable goes through the slot are you suppost to clean off the old adhesive and put new adhesive on frame to secure flex cable to LCD digitizer. Frame ? Please anyone help and what kinda adhesive tape do I use the adhesive they gave me for screen is black do I use a different one or do I need to buy a new digitizer Frame and can u test LCD for picture when out of phone
Ya I d
I did hundred times but it dnt answer my question bout how the flex cable secures to frame and like how do I test the LCD when before it is installed
I believe the flex cable secures itself with the motherboard after its attached. as for testing just attach the screen to the motherboard and set the battery in then turn the power on
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