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Quick Look at the Cyanogen edition

Hadn't thought about this device in quite some time.
As a recovering/WIP new phone hardware junkie,I "STUMBLED" upon this in the OPPO FORUMS.

Now that the 32GB Standard Edition is officially supported by CYANOGENMOD:
I'm looking @this w/one eye. ;)

The older internals do not bother me,nor the lack of SD Card (32GB is fine,no-go w/16GB) or sealed battery,as the capacity is more than sufficient (3610 mAh).
Lack of 4G LTE would normally be a deal killer,but,this would serve more as an end-of-the-day/tablet device than a daily driver.

However,the one sticking point is price.Not hardly any used ones to be found,not even on SWAPPA & $649 is quite steep for a device w/older specs.

I do like the phones on the large side,& would love to get my hands on this one,but,even for a phone junkie itching for a new device,the price is just too steep.

Haven't checked A/F Classifieds yet,wish me luck ......................... :D
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The new phone bug bit hard on this one. ;)

Having sold all but one lone phone (M8),I went ahead & ordered the N1 yesterday evening.

Just got the tracking information from DHL EXPRESS & judging from previous shipment of the OPPO FIND 7 from the same e-tailer & location (OPPOSTYLE out of HONG KONG),could arrive within a couple of days.
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Yessir, I've had it for about six weeks now.
Flashed CM11 that very night, the COLOR 1.0 was a train wreck out-of-the-box, lots of f/c & reboots.
Occasionally, I run a rooted/stock COLOR O/S that's posted in XDA, but, it's a variant of 4.2.2, not compatible w/my GEAR2 or BLINKFEED mod.

CM11 nightlies are smooth as silk, no issues at all.
The hardware is awesome, if a bit cumbersome at times, as it's a rather large & heavy phone, but, I do like the big display.
Everything works flawlessly, phone call, BLUETOOTH, Camera/etc..... are all flagship quality.

I'm set for phones ATM, but, I'm curious to see what the N3 has to offer, especially since it'll have LTE.
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