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Help quick way to stop screen from turning off in galaxy s3


Aug 7, 2012
hello, i was wondering if there was a quick way to stop the screen from turning off? i tend to use google maps quite often while im driving, and it becomes a hassle to unlock my screen and stop it from dimming while driving.

is there a quick way to just keep the screen on for the duration while im driving? thanks
No doubt: Waze is excellent and helps me with avoid traffic.

However, Waze (and many other turn-by-turn navigation apps) is an online-only navigation app. An online navigator app can abandon you as soon as you do something like try to find a rental cabin in the mountains in an area with spotty coverage, or drive through the middile of a state's rural area that has _zero_ coverage for miles. I've had both of those scenarios happen to me with an iPhone 4. By the time I was on Android I understood having an app like Navigon or Tom Tom.

I still love Waze for the times when I need superior traffic info, and I have constant data coverage.
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