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Help quirky issue


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Apr 8, 2010
Ok, so I've had the S3 for a week. I am now noticing that when I either miss a call or a caller hangs up on their end, my pandora is launching and playing really loudly. This is a problem because it is happening when I'm in a meeting and the phone is silenced. It doesn't ring, but when the phone app ends, pandora launches loud and proud.

Has anyone else heard of this happening or have any suggestions for fixes?
I've actually been testing it and have identified the offending issue in more detail. It's actually a very specific occurrence and would love for other people to give this a try and see if they can reproduce. Here's what I found.

When listening to pandora with headphones in, unplug the headphones (without pausing or quitting pandora, pulling the headphones pauses the music), call your phone from any other phone or place a call from your phone, when the call is ended (whether or not you end it) pandora will start playing.

I've also identified that if you pause or quit pandora, the issue does NOT present itself. It only happens when you unplug your headphones and don't physically pause the app.

Please share your results from testing with the community so we can see if this is just happening to me or if it is a larger issue.
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