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Random Alarm


Jun 13, 2012
I've been looking for an application that would let me set an alarm in a way where there can be an "Earliest Time" and a "Latest time" and the alert would go off randomly between these times. A few people (as well as myself) were talking about how we get so used to waking up to the alarm clock and knowing exactly what time it is, that it makes it hard to find the motivation to get up until the very last minute (moreso if you are naturally lazy).
So here's my general idea breakdown.
I could wake up as early as 5:45am but need to be out of bed no later than 6:30am. If the alarm could just randomly go off at some time between this parameter, it would kind of FORCE you to get up because you really don't know what time it is - maybe it's 5:45, or maybe 5:58, 6:02, or you may be running late at 6:30... who knows?
I would love it if I could randomize my clocks too, as setting them ahead just seems pointless when you know the REAL time anyway... but that's a different story...
I looked into it but moved on to more exciting things. Best work around "Open your alarm time settings => hit buttons up and down with eyes closed".

Really though the fastest solution would be to go and get the Clock application from the AOSP and modify it. It's pretty small and should not be too much work. I'm not sure the demand is there for a random alarm clock. There are better ways to get you out of bed. Some alarms make you solve math problems OR GPS coordinates must change before you can "dismiss" your alarm. THAT'S motivation to get up!
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