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Random Sound Coming From My Phone


Feb 10, 2021
I own a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime since 2017 and it worked just fine until a few days ago. I started hearing a sound that I didn't hear before. It kind of sounds like a sound of a mobile game(some coing sounds and a funk song with no singing and some clapping at the end) but I don't recall having a game on my phone with that kind of sound. I stopped all the background apps, checked if there were any pull-up notifications and checked if I accidentally put that as my message tone but none of them worked. I restarted my phone 2-3 times but that didn't help either. I reset my phone password but it happened after that as well. My phone got kind of slower since that thing as well but its an old phone so idk if that has anything to do with this. I recently got to Denmark to visit my family and it hadn't happened before I got to Denmark. Sould it have something to do with that?
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Thanks. I cleared the cache and so far there hasnt been any sounds. But it might just be a coincidence since the sound just starts at the most random times.
If you can, if it happens again, the safest thing to do would be back up all your valuable pictures and videos and messages and such, and then do a full factory reset. That would nuke the phone's data and reset it to an out of box state (so you'll have to set up everything again), BUT that would 100% for sure take out any weird apps you may have on there. It's a pain but it's a sure fire way to solve the problem. I did that a couple times when my old LG phone got infected... not sure if you've heard of the "PLAY STORE ONE TWO" virus but I've contracted that thing many a time.

Also, as soon as possible, make sure your firmware's up to date too. Security patches with new releases of Android fix a lot of vulnerabilities that bad people use for evil things. Hell, if you really wanted to (but I don't want to force you because it's a deep rabbit hole to plunge in) there is custom firmware for this device which would definitely be more up to date with security fixes than stock firmware would be. That is an option, but it's a whole other ordeal that takes a lot of time to get used to... but just wanted to lay it out just in case
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