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Random volume changes both all the way down and all the way up w/headphones

I am seeking help with some random volume changes. Let me start from the beginning, I had a S9 plus which was great, until 2 mths ago. I would be working out and about 40 minutes into my workout, the volume would randomly turn all the way down and begin to open and close apps with no prompt. No matter what I did, I could not get the phone to stop nor could I control the random actions unless I forced it off. samsung ringtones
I tried everything, got new headphones, took off the case etc, factory reset etc.

I was sick of it so I bought a S10 note plus. I had no issues for a month or so and then out of nowhere, it started again today. I turned off the phone and restarted and still, after listening to headphone music for 5 minutes, it volumed all the way down and then all the way up.

Before anyone replies, note that this has happened with various headphone types, I also got a new phone, and yes it still would happen with the case off. This is obviously not uncommon since 2 phones in a row have done it. It doesn't matter what I'm listening to, it has happened with Spotify, Utube, Hulu, Netflix....you name it. ringtones free

Any advice?
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its not common thats for sure. first ive seen an issue like yours on this forum.

my immediate reaction is a case, then screen protector. you know its not the phones fault out of the box, so its something on your end, in your unique environment that is causing this.

i will ASSume these phones were bought NEW and not used or refurbished, because if they are used, then all bets are off. :)

are you using smartswitch or some other backup program in install any old backups on the device? if you are, you could be installing some rogue app that could be interfering with the phones systems.

so it only happens when you have headphones on? when not using headphones and playing music there's no issues correct?

have you just used the phone WITHOUT using a case or screen protector whilst using headphones?

so are you using USB headphones or 3.5mm style analog headphones? are you using an adapter? if you're using an adapter, try a different one.
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The only time this has happened to me is with a certain set of headphones. This particular set covers the ears, but is lightweight and sounds good, yet will allow sound from around me to get through. So I really wanted to use this set for my phone.
It may be that the heaphone plug is a micron out of size, an impedence mismatch (the speakers and the device internals are a poor match electrically), or something else I haven't thought of.

The headphones that do this work great in other things I plug them into, but when plugged into a phone the volume goes bananas just as you describe. I have seen Google Assistant turn on, the music app quit and start, or change songs, and other annoying things.

It seems that when I wiggle the jack is when it occurs most often, although it also happens just by bending the cord near the end sometimes. Sometimes I don't know what sets it off.

It only happens with one headphone set, and that set has a three section plug- two plastic bands dividing up the metal segments of the plug.

I have other sets of headphones that work just fine in the same phone.
Some have three section plugs, others have two section plugs.

The extra segment on the three segment plugs is for a microphone.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, as I have another set with the same set-up that works fine.

My guess is that the end of the cord is worn, probably internally so that it is not visable damage, and this is causing either a temporary short circuit or a temporary break in the connection. This can cause all sorts of things on a device like a phone.

If it is happening with a cheap set of headphones, try a better quality set. ($10-$20 USD)
If it is happening with a high quality set of headphones, then try a cheap set. ($5-$10 USD)

If both are doing it, then possibly the jack on the device is misaligned internally.
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