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[RANT] Basic Features Missing in Major Apps


Dec 21, 2013
Why does it seem like so many apps from major companies are missing basic functions? Want to organize bookmarks in Chrome? Too bad! Want to tag pictures or upload them to a specific folder in G+? Out of luck! Edit your profile in Goodreads (a single text field!)? No dice! Not to mention Google tries hard to prevent you from even accessing their full sites on a mobile device. Some of this is outright idiotic. As slow and awkward as it is, I can tag photos on the full site in my browser, so it's not like there is anything preventing it from working. Are these companies lazy, incompetent or just pandering ro people with obsolete technology?
I think if you want to reorder your bookmarks in Chrome you need to do it on your desktop, but that obviously only works with those bookmarks in your bookmark bar.

Beyond that all you can organize seems to be between the three major folders (desktop, mobile and other).

Also in Chrome you can request the desktop site--not sure how that works with Google site.
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A lot of features in Mobile sites or in applications are limited because they are mobile.

They assume that if someone wants to reorganize bookmarks they're just going to go on their computer to do it, not on mobile because it would take longer.

Certain features are limited on websites because they don't think the user needs to see it on a mobile device. There are typically options at the bottom to view the full site if you have issues with the mobile site.
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