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Rapid battery drain 1% every 30-60 sec.


Aug 12, 2021
I have the Galaxy A20. I noticed the battery was discharging pretty quick and recharged slow. Up to that point I figured the battery was on its way out since it had been 2-3 years old. I ruled out the charging cable and usb plug. So then I replaced the battery and charging port. The issue is still there. Did a factory reset. Downloaded a few apps (a fraction of what I had before). The charging issue doesn't seem to be a problem anymore but the battery still discharges too fast. Sometimes what will happen is the battery percentage will be at like 89% and start counting down 1% every 30-60 seconds. The phone is not hot and I'm not seeing any programs active. Just now I restarted the phone and I was at 3%. It's like the phone is not updating the battery life. I tried to see what app might be causing the issue through "device care" under settings and it just said "learning usage patterns" and the graph shows a huge drop off in percentage. There were no apps listed under the graph. As far as I know, software is fully updated since I did a factory reset. It's almost like an app is draining the battery and when I wake up the phone it's updating the battery percentage slowly in real time by counting down. If that's the case, it's a very careless software feature for a battery monitor.
It's a weird one since on most phones the only thing that will run the battery down at 1%/minute is the camera (and you'd know if you had the camera open!).

I'm afraid that I don't have a Samsung so don't know about it's "device care" settings (i.e. to what extent they are just a rebranding of normal Android settings vs extra stuff Samsung put in there).

The factory reset will have made no difference to the system software: it doesn't undo any updates, and hence unless you have had a system update since the reset the system software will be identical to what it was before the reset (except that all settings would have been reset to default). That does mean that a reset won't fix a problem with the system software itself, though it will fix a problem caused by corrupt data causing the system to misbehave, but with the number of A20s out there you would not think that a bug that could cause this would be likely to have gone undetected.
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