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RD Connection problems


Dec 12, 2022
Hi. I have recently become the owner of a Samsun Galaxy Tab and have downloaded and installed the MS Remote Desktop client. When I try to connect to the server (8X.XXX.XXX.101) / Administrator I constantly get an error message that informs me that the Login Credentials are not correct. The server is running MS WInServer 2022 and remote connections from other machines are not a problem.. When I connect from my desktop PC with Win11 Home, a connection is established with the login credentials I always provide. When I connect from an iPhone, the connection is also established without problems. So I guess there is an issue with either the Android version of the App or the Android OS. Is there any known bug that is interfering with my login credentials being distorted or blocked?
Check that 3389 is open in your Windows firewall, and have you already set up port forwarding in your router?
Thanks for the advice - the problem is I only use the tablet when I am on the road - (in hotels or AirBnB) and there it is not possible to play around with routers. I may just have to take my cumbersome Windows laptop with me because Windows Remote Control has no problems in accessing the server without fiddling around with ports.
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