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Re Help and Hi

Asti Pants

Sep 6, 2011
Hello There:D

I have purchased an Ideos 8150 powered by Android and dropped it. The glass didnt smash but the inside bit did and has started to go black and lose it pixels.

Anyway I have purchased another completely the same but now need to transfer all the info over and im scared im gonna lose everything. When I got the first phone I lost 13 years worth of numbers and contacts !! so really dont want this to happen again.

I have a sim and sd card in it so what do I have to do. I dont know what is saved on the sim or the phone!

Can anyone help?:)
Hi Asti Pants, If you can see anything on your screen - > Settings > SD card & phone storage > Unmount SD card - then carefully remove the Micro SD card.
Remove your SIM card and install to your new phone. Touch Contacts > then Menu > Import/Export > Import from SIM card. Wait for them to load and you're done.
When you transfer your SD card - it should have all the info still on it.
I would suggest you Download the User Manual from Huawei. It's in PDF form and you can print it or save it to your comp for all future reference.
Go here:HUAWEI IDEOS - Huawei Device Co., Ltd..
Select . Downloads > English Language > and download the bottom entry on the list. Open with your PDF reader and enjoy. Cheers Neil.:D
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