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REALLY, really dumb question - i hope !


Apr 28, 2021

I am trying to switch from a windows car pc to an android version.

To be honest, car pc's are a real dinosaur, so I was hoping for a lot more innovation in the android field.

So '........... I am trying several android car launchers to try to get a feel for things.

I have an allergy ( :) ) to Google services, so do not want any google voice search, or android auto.

Happy with offline maps as well.

I am now finding a problem with what I think should be one of the most basic things - that is , making and receiving calls.

First off, I have a 10 inch android tablet on which I am trialling these apps.

I am connecting my nokia smartphone ( android 11 ) to the tablet via bluetooth.

NOW....... I foolishly thought that android could take care of the rest without much tweaking.

By that i mean, if my phone is connected and sharing contacts, why can't I click on the ''phone ' icons on the apps, and get either 1) a dialler, or 2) a list of contacts??

Am I wrong? - is that not one of the most basic things - to connect your phone to a tablet and use the tablet app to make calls using your connected phone?

I have had no luck doing this , and have found little info on the web.

I am sure I am going mad, but could anyone give me an idiots guide to how to achieve this?

Many Thanks



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