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Really want a N1, but scared

where do you live and how is your service? I can make mine go from 4 bars to 1 if i wrap my hands completely around the bottom of the phone...

thankfully i don't ever do that but i'm not sure it would matter much anyways. FWIW this phone seems to have a slightly weaker antenna than others i've used, but the vocal quality (coming from the iphone 3g) is fantastic.

people can actually hear me/understand me now and the noise reduction works and helps alot if you're outdoors.

i'm on At&t and i live in southern california (redlands area) i don't even look at my bars anymore b/c it doesn't seem to make a difference for me.
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I'm using the phone with Rogers in Canada - no issues at all. Well, no radio issues. The only minor problem that plagues me is the touchscreen sometimes becomes wacky. I have to press the power button to put the phone to sleep then bring it right out of sleep and it's all good. Kind of annoying but only takes 2 seconds.
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