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Help Recovery booting loop...HELP!

Ok...here goes...Sat I was charging my phone and when I unplugged it, it turned off. I waited a while and still while unplugged wouldn't do anything. Plugged it in and I get the battery with the circle in the middle then a full batt icon, turn it on and only get to the unlock screen and it shuts down. I switch batteries and still does the same thing.

Found out how to get odin mode(not exactly sure what it does...) and went through that process and now when I try to turn it on it flashes (in blue) RECOVERY BOOTING... and vibrates about every 3 seconds and has been doing it since last night. I'm too nervous about unplugging it from my comp.

I already have a replacement on the way and should be here today...I just want my pics.

Hope someone out there can help me...


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