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Help Red Exclaimation Point Next To MMS

I wonder why that would be and dafuq it was working perfectly up until late Dec I hadn't even installed any sms app's then I believe that was the first I saw of it either then or early Jan I haven't even added any extra apn's just the two that come by default.

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I guess it's back to Next SMS I was givng HoverChat a try not enough MMS options, loved it though and the chatheads, then I tried Yaata and MMS just didn't wanna even attempt to work on it according to various other users, limited chathead options but advanced MMS attachments if ya could just get them TO ATTACH.

So it's back to Handcent again and tweaking around the settings, got MMS to send fast by entering custom MMSC and using the url in EPDG MMS apn.
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