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Refund Timer


May 19, 2011
Refund Timer

Android Market

Refund Timer shows you the countdown timer with remaining refund time period for the applications purchased in the Market.

Every time you buy an app, application market sends you an e-mail with order status information. Refund Timer parses these e-mails and determines the moment of purchase. According to the Market policy you have 15 minutes to evaluate the application. Refund Timer calculates the remaining evaluation time and displays it above all the other applications, so you will see the timer even if you run a full-screen application like game.


This is trial(not lite) version. You have 72 hours to use it for free, after this period application will not work without license. You can buy license from within the application.

then it should be listed higher in the description that its a trial. you didn't even say it until i mentioned it. and i didn't even know it was a trial until it installed and told me.
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