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Region Coding (CSC) should it match where I am?


I have 2 new S3s that I bought online from a shop that turned out to be in Hong Kong.... anyway that's not really relevant.. I'm located in the UK.

One of my phones is Polish, the other if French

Should I think of changing them so they are region coded to the UK?
Do I benefit from changing them, it seems sort of wrong they don't match where I live.
Now to me, that would ring alarm bells!

I bought both my Galaxy S2 and my Galaxy Tab 10.1 whilst passing through Hong Kong, from a reputable chain. Both run Hong Kong regional firmware which, I must say, is great. Very stable firmware indeed, without any of the glitches and bugs I see reported in this forum.

I am quite happy for my devices to run on this farmware and receive the appropriate updates.

But. Polish and French set-ups from Hong Kong? Hmm, I would not be happy with that AT ALL!
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Yes, I did think it odd when I unpacked them, but I did get what I ordered - 2 Unlocked/SIM free phones and new. One is definateley polish, it says Samsung.pl on the box and it unpdated to JellyBean. The other has French writing on the box, I guess it could be destined for another French speaking coutry. The 'French' phone is not updating to 4.1.1.

Both phones are set to English language and from what I can tell are operating normally. What I don't know is, are they missing something that is specific for the UK, or is it just a control over firmware release dates.

From what I can gather I could change the CSC code, flash them with the UK firmware and they would essentially become 'UK' phones. Of course I would have to downgrade the 'Polish' phone to 4.0.4, but that's just untill JellyBean is released in Europe?
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