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Help Remove App from Market/Downloads?


Android Enthusiast
Jan 30, 2010
Is it possible to remove an app from the downloads section of the market?

1. I have a couple apps that I DO NOT want updated, one app is fine and the update's only change is the addition of ads. Another app I hardly use but do not want to uninstall - however I don't want it to update because the size of the app will increase and I'm tight on space.

2. I hate clicking each app one-by-one to update, I prefer "Update All" so I can 'set it and forget it' :).

I figure, if there is any way to remove the app from the downloads section, or the market altogether, I can "Update All" without updating the apps I don't want. I know you can set them to update automatically, but the option I would need is to set the apps to "Do Not Update" or something like that.


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