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Help Remove new Google keyboard update?


Android Question

I want my black keyboard back :(

Last time I rebooted my tablet everything was fine and the same and all my data was restored but this time my data on Google chrome browser isn't there! All my bookmarks etc ?! It said it would restore my bookmarks so what has happened?

Also the look of things is different and not what I was expecting I can't stand the keyboard which is now white, takes up half the screen and I want my old keyboard back :( please can you tell me how I can get it back?
I also don't like how the open apps aren't at the bottom of the screen now. Is there a way I can get the previous version back please?

If I knew about the changes I wouldn't have reset my device

Please help

What device are you using?
What is your new version of Android?
(Menu Settings aboutdevice)
What was your old version (if you know)

If you have installed a major update it is not at all simple to reverse it.

There are however many alternative keyboards you can install and use, most of which offer black varieties.

Give a bit more info and we'll try to help..
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