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removed from wireless charging unlock and screen on

I'm very new to tasker so I could be missing something simple. Here is what I have so far. I don't have my wireless charger on me so I'm just using USB power to test it. Also I decided to remove the keyguard as well.

State --> wireless (USB for testing) charge inverts for the profile. Task secure setting --> keyguard off run in background. Second task Secure settings --> Wake 2 minutes.

Unfortunately the keyguard is not working, and I'm not sure if the wake is working because by default unplugging the device from USB wakes it.
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Looks like the screen +keyboard option for wake, I was using was the problem. Thanks for that feedback. Also the keyguard worked running in background or not. I added a exit task to put the keyguard back on when its plugged back in or put back on the charger. I'll probably changed that around a bit.

Now I just need to figure out how to keep it charging overnight on the wireless pad.
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