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removing the new voicemail notice


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Jan 3, 2013
ok everytime i think i got this sorry phone figured out i get a new issue. so now for some reason i have a notice that says alert notifications new voicemail dial *65 . so i went to the voicemail set up and it tells me the service provider is voice mail and the voicemail number is *65 and it was *86 but to see if i could remove that notice i changed it to *65. and in the notifications box it has vibrate off.

so how do i turn off that notice outside of resetting the phone. i did not set up any voice mail and when i go to the keypad and tap *65 and then the phone icon that keypad and nothing else

if i tap that notice it goes to the keypad then fast to a voice mail page with the phone the message and camera icons and then goes away,

so is there a you tube that shows how to get rid of this? i deleted the cashe the data and it is still there. i do not remember setting up a voicemail so i have no clue why it says the carrier is voice mail. or do I have to set voice mail up. if how do i do that on metro pcs?

ok i got it figured out. it turned out the phone number i was given got 4 texts from the same person and my phone was trying to put them into the messages and i had to have metro reset that number to let the texts thru to the phone so i could listen to them and then delete them and block that number that sent them, what a procedure that was. so after metro reset the number and the texts came thru i was able to actually set up the voice mailbox. metro told me because i did not have the voice mail set up and then calls went into voice mail it got frozen,

anyway now i have the voice mail set and can see them and block the number from the previous use of this number i have now.
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