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Repost of Etwizzy's Thread


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May 29, 2012
should I keep my samsung galaxy rush or should I switch to older Samsung zete warp? (as originally posted by Etwizzy, I tried replying to you but your thread was messed up so here ya go lol). I personally think that the rush is pretty good. The warp community is just about finished with cm10 but if you dont plan on flashing it than I do NOT reccomend that phone. The prevail is another flash to love phone but the ram is so low and the processor is so old that you wont be able to play some of the newest games on the playstore like subway surfers or temple run. Which samsung were you thinking of buying?
1- the warp isn't a Samsung phone. Its made by zte. Zte has no affiliation with Samsung.

2- the warp is an older release for boost and officially has no jb support. (Not to say that the dev community isn't doing big things)

3- they have already come out with a warp 2 (sequent)

4- the prevail, for what it is, is an awesome phone... but I agree the processor and ram are lacking.

As far as new phones go, the one that catches my eye is the HTC One SV. It appears to be the sprint (boost) version of the one x. It has next specs, and will likely have great dev support.
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