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Root [Request] Point of view about Custom Roms for D505


May 4, 2014
Hello everyone,
recently i was searching for a custom rom for the EUR Optimus F6, known as LG D505 . It shares something in common with the MetroPCS, things as the SoC and i think the radio and comms (bt/ir blaster ecc...).
Looking to the LG Open Source files for the D505, i found the full Kitkat source code released for this device, so i decided to look on what was stopping the development on this device (and the consequential porting on the american version, that now are using custom roms with a porting of this Euro Source Code).
The main reason, taken away the lack of good developers from the EUR side interested in this, was the fact that the D505 does not have Lokie to load a specific kernel/recovery the ROM to the phone itself, when the American MetroPCS thanks to some amazing guys, has it and it's been used for at least 3 different roms (2 CM11 and 1 KK Stock EUR porting).

My question is simple i think: is someone interested in making this LG D505 Lokied ?
Some time ago i read about LG and the chance to open their bootloaders for some recent device (Like LG G3), but i don't think that the F6 is one of this lucky devices.

I can provide a support as a simple user that had a little experience about modding (4 years with Xperia Sola + 1 with Samsung Galaxy next Turbo) so logcat and basic changes are at my comprension.

Thanks for reading this, hope the best for all of you.
Ps. Sry for my bad english


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