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lg optimus f6

  1. F

    Root dialer included with the roms

    I have been toying around with using a tablet/data only plan on my phone for the past 6 months. Up until now, I have been using my nexus 5 until it died yesterday. I will now be using my F6 going forward until I can stomach buying a new phone. The good thing about the nexus was that the stock...
  2. H

    Help Cannot connect bluetooth controller

    I just purchased a Gamesir G2u controller for this phone only it will not connect properly. Everytime I try to it shows "There was a problem pairing because the PIN or Passkey is incorrect" but it never lets me enter a passkey/pin in the first place. If there's no fix for this controller, if...
  3. daedagreat

    f6 optimus lost os, can't get past twrpv2.6.3.0

    Phone is not doing anything but the lg logo. Can only use a micro sd as a external drive. What can I do to fix? Don't have the option of a p.c to go online with. Can I get some help please!
  4. emofox

    Root HELP WITH MY F6

    the phone was left dead for a long time and not used at all.(6+ Months) i charged the battery and booted it up, and it stayed at the boot logo for about 4 hours. i tried to boot into recovery and it would not, so i did a factory reset, now the phone will Only power on straight into Download...
  5. I

    Unable to tether with proxy

    Hi all, Is it just me? I'm using the Xperion ROM and before I was able to tether using the steps in the tether guide and connecting to a VPN, but now no data goes through.
  6. Sagefire

    Flashes red lights and won't turn on

    I have 2 LG Optimus F6's, one used to be my dads and since he got a new phone, he gave this one to me. It's been sitting in my desk for a while dead battery and unused. Today, I tried turning it on but I ran into a problem. It wouldn't turn on or even give the dead battery screen. I tried...
  7. D

    Any LGMS500 Roms with 4.4+ and Fully Working GPS? (For Pokemon: GO)

    As the title reads I'm looking for a custom ROM where the GPS actually works, or maybe you can help me fix the one that I'm using! Currently rocking Viperdink's Kitkat mini 4.4.2 I upgraded from Xperion which wasn't a recent enough version of Android to install the App that I wished to run...
  8. N

    Properly Explain to me what i can do. MS500/F6

    So i bought a few phones from a girl and one of them was this Optimus F6 for MetroPCS. Upon attempting to charge it it would stay on the LG Screen and do nothing for hours. So once i got home from work i decided to plug it into the computer and the LG Mobile Update Tool automatically accepted...
  9. S

    Root [MetroPCS] Trying to restore phone using Base ROM

    Hi. I'm trying to run a recovery on my phone. There's a complete lack of usable instructions that I've been able to find on how to do this. I tried using CWM Recovery: http://androidforums.com/threads/metropcs-recovery-loki-cwm-v6-0-4-6.820352/ To reset my device using this ROM...
  10. Immanerdgottaproblem

    Anyone tried replacing the e-mmc chip with a bigger size?

    Some guy on XDA changed the e-mmc chip successfully on his nexus 5 from 16gb to 64gb. Wondering if possible on the f6 or if its been done before.
  11. S

    Root [MetroPCS] LG Optimus F6 CalendarProvider.APK

    Cross posted from the main forum: So I rooted my phone and tried to manually clear out a lot of the bloat. I manged to do a good enough job up until I deleted my Calendar Provider along with the crappy default calendar app. Can someone share their Calendar Provider APK with me, or point to a...
  12. S

    LG Optimus F6 CalendarProvider.APK

    So I rooted my phone and tried to manually clear out a lot of the bloat. I manged to do a good enough job up until I deleted my Calendar Provider along with the crappy default calendar app. Can someone share their Calendar Provider APK with me, or point to a place that does? I'm running Android...
  13. tyler clifton

    Root LG Optimus F6 nandroid back-up caused problem. BIG time

    OK. i had an lg optimus f6 and so did my brother. well he asked me to install TWRP recovery on his phone. Well a month after doing this.(and i warned him of the dangers) we flashed Xperion rom to the phone. and it worked without a problem. well he went back into the recovery looking at the...
  14. Android News

    LG sued for an Optimus F6 exploding in someone's pocket

    LG is being sued by a Manhattan man whose LG Optimus F6 exploded in his pocket. The explosion likely occurred due to a faulty battery, something which may or may not have been LG's fault if an unauthorized battery was placed into this phone along its long path from 2013 availability.
  15. S

    Help Optimus F6 [MetroPCS] stuck on LG Logo on startup

    Hey Folks, I have learned a lot about F6 reading through these forums and had rooted and installed recovery following this guide: http://www.haganfox.net/Main/LGOptimusF6MS500. Few days ago I was repeatedly getting error that android.google.talk has stopped and android.system.ui has...
  16. R

    mhl connection

    is this phone optimus f6 mhl compatible? I just bought an adapter and its not working. the tv screen just says "no signal"...I cant possibly of messed anything up, its just one cord between the tv and phone and my tv input specifically says mhl connection so it cant be the tv.
  17. I

    Help Phone shut off randomly. Flashes LG logo and won't power on.

    Earlier tonight my phone shut off randomly. I definitely noticed a countdown sequence in a small box but I had no clue what it was about. When I went to turn my phone back on the LG logo would flash. The problem is that this doesn't happen consistently. I have attempted multiple things to get...
  18. Bruce Barnes

    Root Proposed Voltage Control Kernel Modification for Optimus F6

    Hi, **This post is for developers and not users. Nothing I'm posting here will be of use to an end user. Not yet anyway.** Who am I? I'm an advanced user/novice coder wanting to aid in the development of a new kernel for the F6 that supports voltage control. What is this about? We need a...
  19. O

    Help Ms500 insane amount of restarts. I appreciate any help available.

    So... Was given this ms500 by my sister in nearly the condition it is in now & Idk how she used it daily. SO the main problem is that the phone (soft)reboots from the system ui straight to the metro PCs boot animation. Takes abt 10 seconds & boots back up. Not too bad right? Well, it does this...
  20. S

    Help Lg f6 s/w upgrade freeze at 4%

    I turned my phone off to charge it.I turned it on a few hours later it started doing the metro pcs boot loop.Now its just shows the lg logo.I tries to do a hard rest,i press the power button to confirm reset,It does nothing.I tried to run the lg upgrade and recover tool from my pc,waited till...
  21. Dunard

    Root TWRP / LG MS500

    Why my phone reset to default settings after backup? I had to reinstall all the apps that I had on the phone. It like erase the settings and apps without any wipes while doing backup. Unless I'm doing something wrong. It doesn't do that on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7-inch Wifi. Weird...
  22. X

    Root More storage :)

    Ok here's how to get more storage but first let me ask you have you rooted your phone and unistalled all the bloatware but you cant install more apps even when the phone says it has 200m well here is the answer the phone comes with system memory and user memory so lets say the phone has 4g of...
  23. Dunard

    Root I found the LGMS500 open source. (From the OpenSource Code Distribution)

    http://opensource.lge.com/osSch/list?types=NAME&search=MS500 This should get people going porting this into CyanogenMod source tree. https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android/tree/cm-13.0 I don't know it be any help or not.
  24. Rondeau7

    Root No Developer wants to help

    What is it these days, Developers don't want to lend a hand or advice on how to build a simple ROM from source. They are so pre occupied with making a name for themselves and don't realize the end goal. I am working my ass off to get a working CM ROM on this device. I have reached out to many...
  25. tyler clifton

    Root HELLLLP no ideas left on how to fix my f6

    I have an f6 and lately it started messing up it boots up but nothing pops up and I get a message saying (possess/application android system has stopped and then it reboots I have tried everything from wiping cache to full os removal and rom flashing but little success on my half please help me...