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Root Proposed Voltage Control Kernel Modification for Optimus F6

Bruce Barnes

Oct 25, 2015

**This post is for developers and not users. Nothing I'm posting here will be of use to an end user. Not yet anyway.**

Who am I?
I'm an advanced user/novice coder wanting to aid in the development of a new kernel for the F6 that supports voltage control.

What is this about?
We need a kernel for the Optimus F6 that supports voltage control with a sysfs interface

Why should this happen?
We all know the advantages of undervolting. Increased performance, decreased heat, increased battery life, and if used right increased stability. Different cpu's have different voltage requirements even within the same device and same operating system. Some cpus will run fine at lower voltages. I noticed on my device my temperature constantly hitting the thermal limit while using google maps on the Xperion rom and freedom kernel, if I had the ability to tweak my voltage this would not have happened.

How do we do this?
Luckily someone has already developed all the code required to create this patch.

What needs to happen now?
There are 3 main kernel developers for this device:
GameTheory http://androidforums.com/members/gametheory.1048124/
hroark13 http://androidforums.com/members/hroark13.604919/
Dm47021 http://androidforums.com/members/dm47021.774977/

I have found some of the sourcecode for these kernels but not all of it. The Freedom Kernel from GameTheory I can't find on his gethub for instance. In any case, it's a longshot that I'll be able to compile a kernel without assistance. I'm really only trying to get the ball rolling.
Dear sir,
That is indeed very nice that you concidered making kernel for lg optimus f6. However I think that people are not interested in making voltage control kernel because f6 lacks the kitkat update. what I mean is that until someone makes working camera kernel for 4.4 roms (I must thank hroark13 for making his camfix kernel) people wont reply. Hroark 13 made his kernel but the led light below camera doesn't work. Thank you for reading this.
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