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Requesting help investigating an issue with Android market.

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Aug 14, 2010
Auburn, WA
I ran an article this past week on an issue that EA is having, or has caused, with the Android market. Apparently EA is experimenting with loading their app multiple times on the market, and tying the app to specific carriers. This allows them to charge differently per carrier (cause the carrier to pay them for an exclusive price), and it forces the user to have to repurchase the app should they switch carriers.

Here's what I'd like people to do. Go to the Android Market and look for these two games:


Please ensure that both games have "EA Mobile" listed underneath as the developer, as there are many fake apps with similar names. Below is the info I want:

-your country
-your carrier
-the price of the app

So, mine would look like:

-United States
-Verizon Wireless
-$9.99 for NFS Shift, $7.99 for Tetris
If you've already purchased the app, please just omit that app, I do not want the price you paid, as it would taint these results (for instance, the $0.99 price I paid for NFS Shift on Dec. 25th has no bearing on today's results). I'm using the above two apps as a reference because it seems they are the first two that EA has used for this carrier/country split.
Wanted to throw in three more things.

1. If you're a user who has previously purchased one of these apps, but no longer has it in your purchase history, please give me that info (to include country, carrier, game(s) affected, and current price for said game(s) in your market app).

2. If you're in the above situation, and cannot currently re-download your game, send me a private message and I will assist you. What I will need specifically from you is; device, carrier, and Google order number. Don't know your Google order number? CLICK HERE, log in with your gmail account, find the order where you paid for the game, click it, and record your order number. Didn't pay with Google Checkout? Then I can't help you. Don't trust giving me this info? Then don't give me the info. (NOTE, do NOT give me any usernames, passwords, or credit card information, I ONLY need the info that I requested).

3. I want to post a special thanks to Dave Loft for helping to bring this issue to light. He and I noticed it around the same time, but he had the guts to start investigating it immediately, and I leaned on him as a valuable resource before compiling my own information.

EDIT - FINAL NOTE: If point #2 concerns you, please click the !REPORT button in the lower left of this post. This will flag the post for moderator/admin review, and they will address this post if they feel there are some concerns.
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Medion often takes community surveys - staff supports these efforts.

Appreciate the help, as always. This one is bothersome. It shows the issue with not having a moderated marketplace, like what Apple does. EA is royally screwing over customers via the Android Market right now.

I just need at least one Sprint user to chime in, and this survey is completed. So far it's done nothing but confirm my theory.
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Stand by - I'm a Sprint USA customer...

Tetris by EA Mobile - $2.99
NEED FOR SPEED Shift by EA Mobile - $4.99

~406JPY NFS Shift; ~243JPY for Tetris

I believe the "~" symbol is included because of exchange rate fluctuations.

They're introducing some feature to allow for currency differences - from TechCrunch.com -

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