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Rescuing an App from memory full phone


Nov 11, 2014
This may be long, basically I was dumb and did not backup and now my <2yr phone is inaccessible and needs to be repaired, and chances are all the data will be erased. There are 2 apps (games) I care about but one is hopeless and the second one I screwed myself over. It's this second one that I want to see if I can preserve the data for.

Having no other options the temporary device I'm currently on is a Note2 GT-N7102 on 4.1.1 imitation with very low memory for apps. I installed the game and what I did wrong was transferring the game data over immediately via a one time code only to not being able to run the game. I'm sure the game data was completely downloaded onto the device, it just crashes after entering the game and seeing the announcements.

I have moved the app to an SD card, and here are the storage details:

Total: 336mb
App: 2.71mb
SD Card app: 50.79mb
Data: 282mb
SD Card data: 0b

So is there any way that I can preserve the app data at this point? Either by moving files or backup apps/programs? I have looked at the SD card and only found an .asec file.

Another method would be creating more space so maybe I can run the game to obtain another transfer code. This my assumption that there is not enough internal memory for cache required to run the game. I have used cleanmaster to the point that I think the game is the sole safe-to remove-app taking up space.


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