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Resetting phone, unlocking?

Justin Raney

Mar 8, 2021
I read somewhere they had a way to unlock the phone for 25$? Anyone head of this?

Resetting the phone will erase everything correct? Im getting rid of two zte quest 5 and dont want my passwords or saved information in there.

Resetting it the the original settings will erase everything correct? As long as when powered back on i dont sync or sign in with my emails? Itll be fine to power on as long as i dont sync or sign in with my email address upon start up correct?

Selling two zte quest 5 and dont want my information left in there.
The first question depends on a lot of others, including what you mean by "unlocking" (there is more than one type of unlocking).

If the storage is encrypted then resetting will make the data inaccessible (the data and the encryption key are deleted, the key is in a secure storage location so can't just be found by file recovery software, and even if you could find file recovery software that can run on the rest it will be no use as the data were encrypted). And any phone released will Android 5 or higher should have the storage encrypted by default.

BUT if you plan to sell the phones you need to remove your Google account from them before resetting. If you do not is an anti-theft system called Factory Reset Protection that will require the previous login credentials to be entered after a reset before the phone can be used, and you don't want to sell a phone where the seller is locked-out. So remove the account first, then reset, then to be sure try booting it and make sure it starts the "new phone" setup rather than asking for a password.
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Yeah i just sold them. Last nite i factory reset them removing my apps information. I restarted them and didnt enter my google email for account setup.
That should be good to go.

As long as factory reset and upon start up skip the step where it asks to sync and for my google account gmail i skipped that step. I did ask the person buying if any of my information was in there pw emails to erase or not mess with them but im pretty sure they were deleted and would be just as the phone was new and skipped the google login account setup just to get to the apps page.

They function on home wifi the apps without a simcard or cut off qlink service.

Yes last nite as i had listed them for sale i factory reset them wiped out all data. Upon start up both had android 9 security updates and i skipped the steps where it ask to sign into my google gmail account i use on the laptop, tablet, a new cell phone.

It should be fine correct? Almost 100% percent sure i didnt enter in that information upon phone start up just turned them on and signed into home wifi to test one app.

Needless to say i sold them and am now looking for a cheap backup phone possibly a 40$ Blu J5L 1gb 32gb.


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Just to be on the safe side, you should reset the password on your own Google account now.
By setting up a new, different password, even if there is any chance there's some remaining auto-login app/service on those phones that link to your Google account, it will be based on that old password so will no longer be able to authenticate itself.
(..... and keep in mind that you'll also need to re-enter your new password on your current phone when you restart it, because it will also require that new password.)
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Those are 2 zte quest 5 locked to qlink wireless. I had gotten them when i had the qlinkwireless phone service since 2018. The original zte locked to qlink wireless had kept crashing during apps so i ordered another one directly from qlink for 20$.

Both were good condition but the one i had dropped a couple months ago cracking the screen.

My qlinkwireless service was shutoff a couple of months ago after 4 years of service with them.

I erased all data and did factory reset on both phones which said "ERASES ALL DATA APPS" back to original new phone. Upon restarting they both had android 9 updates.

However when setting up i skipped the setup and never signed into my google account on either phone.

I didnt choose to syn either with any of my other devices not sure if that phones capable of that.

However my new g power 2021 3gb 32gb i bought from best buy black friday for 109.99$ with tax synced all the zte quest 5 saved passwords or passwords saved to my google account however theyre saved thru the chrome web browser so all passwords transferred to my new phone.

The google account is my email with the same password i use for my email and google account.

I didnt sync anything on the factory reset quest 5 nor sign into to anything.

Just factory reset skipped the sync and sign in steps got to the app portion and signed into wifi to confirm they both functioned with invalid or no sim as a small handheld computer.

Now for some reason it usually emails me when my account is used on a different device as when i signed into my google account on the new g power 2021. However for some reason it may recognize the zte 3351z.

Is there anywhere under google account recognized devices that would have the zte quest 5 saved? I know it has my tablet sceptor 8, lenovo ideapad 3 and motorola g power 2021 as recognizable devices used for signing into my account.

How would you get to the recognized devices and be able to see if the zte is saved so i could delete it somehow under google email or whichever settings?
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I'd suggest not posting your email address in public, especially not one that's linked to an android account. Too easy for the wrong people to get it.

You can use the edit button (in tools on a mobile browser) to remove it.
Thanks yeah so does anyone know how to delete or see which devices recognized saved under account and where you can remove certain saved devices that had used your google account.
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well i found where on 11/20 i maybe had signed into the devices but under google signed out it says " my google account wont be accessible thru the device once signed out".

I hope this does the trick. They were listed as recognizable devices for 2 step sign in verification of my email account. I recently turned off 2 setp verification after realizing it wasnt needed but was requested by google months ago.

So according to signing out of the devices will remove my account from them or not allow to sign in my google account something of that sort.

It does indeed say if any activity recently seen on it to change password.

Does anyone know how to get rid of the old phone where you hit erase data under locate devices?


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Well it says under find my devices it will attempt to erase all data a factory reset when that phone comes back online not sure how that operates maybe if it was signed into my google account ot imei.

A request was made through Find My Device to reset your phone to factory settings.

We’ll try to erase all data from this phone. If it’s offline, erasing will begin once it’s online again.

If you didn’t make this request, change your password to secure your Google Account now.

Factory reset requested

ZTE Z3351S
11/22/22 5:48 AM
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However when setting up i skipped the setup and never signed into my google account on either phone.

Unless you've gone through the process of loading a custom, third-party ROM on an Android phone, the first time you start it up the setup process requires you to enter a valid Gmail address and password. It's not something that you can just ignore and skip past.

When you just did the Factory Reset on those phones,what you should have done is go into the Settings menu and remove your Google account first, and then do the Factory Reset.
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