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Help Restore to original firmware


Dec 20, 2012
Hey guys.

I've had my SGS for about two years now, and I've modified it a bit over time. At the moment it has a custom ROM, custom Kernel and a custom Launcher, and it is of course rooted (d'oh).

I've had little trouble with it, but now it's finally time to move on. I got an SGS2 as an earlt Christmas present, and I want to sell my old SGS. Thing is, the buyer wants it with the factory settings. I tried to explain the benefits of custom ROMs and stuff but he wouldn't have it, so I said fine... I'll restore it.

Now, from what I've read here the way to do this would be to download the latest official firmware for it (maybe from sammobile) and then just reflash it with Origin, is that right?

It's been a while since I've dabbed in this stuff and I'd hate to break the phone.


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