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Restoring backup asks for password. Have not provided one when creating.

I had initially an Xperia 8 phone with Android 2.1 - In that phone I run Sony's backup and restore utility for creating a backup into the SD memory. This process created a SBF file on my memory card.

Some days ago I bought a Motorola milestone, installed Sprint Backup from android market. Sprint's application runs fine and identifies the backup file, the problem is it is password protected.

I have not provided a password when creating this backup file on my Xperia phone. Have looked on google about this problem and I could not find anything.

Any ideas? Kind regards.
I tried that and many other known passwords without succeed. I wonder at which level was this password created (operating system or application) and if there is any defaults.

Sony's behavior related to backing up makes me think that this password was introduced at application level (back up and restore utility). This utility is not possible to be downloaded or installed from Non-sony devices; maybe they want the backup to be restored only in sony devices too as in the Xperia phone it does not ask for a password when restoring...
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