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Help Reverse update

Pentha Andrew

Feb 15, 2016
Hello ! I own a Samsung Galaxy S III, and I had Facebook Messenger installed for a year now. It worked perfectly, but several updates came up and it began lagging, more and more with any update. Is there any possibility to LEGALLY get back to a previous version of Facebook Messenger, so my phone wouldn't lag so much everytime I open the app ?
That will be because it's not a pre-installed app (your phone is older than the Messenger app), so you don't get "uninstall updates", just "uninstall".

Your only option is to find a safe copy of the older apk and install that (by safe I mean "one where nobody has added malware to it"). It's not a matter of legality, as there is no law that says you must use the current version. But the Play Store won't provide a way of rolling back. Apkmirror.com have many older versions, and are generally reliable.
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