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Ringtone Assistance


Mar 6, 2010
So I've done some research and learned my lesson from downloading ringtones directly from Myxer. On my Motorola Droid, I cleared the data from Applications and downloaded them all to my SD card. In the Download folder, they weren't recognized under Ringtones.

I tried moving them over to /system/media/audio/ringtones/ with Astro, but it won't move them over. With the USB to the computer, I can only access the SD card. Any suggestions on how to get this to work? Thank you!
I recently edited some of my custom ringtones to eliminate the silence (that has turned into a hissing sound), and found that the shorter ringtones aren't recognized. Maybe the ones you're using are too short? The ones I have that work are all slightly over 3 seconds long, and all the ones that don't work are shorter than 1 second.
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