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Roaming on AT&T with T-Mobile - Opportunity to be really clever!

TL;DR How can I roam on AT&T with a T-Mobile prepaid plan?

So I bought my Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile a few weeks ago. Despite them telling me I can roam on AT&T in areas in which there is no T-Mobile service. I discovered this wasn't true.

I've rooted my phone, added Frosty Jelly Bean ROM, and now I'm wondering if there's a way I can roam with a prepaid plan. OR maybe I'll go post-paid which allows you to roam but you only get voice/text, no data. Is there a way to enable data roaming on AT&T?

If none of these things apply, is it possible to unlock the phone (aside from waiting another 1.5 months to ask to unlock it from T-Mobile)? If I pay to unlock it from one of those websites, what personal information will they be getting from my IMEI number. Any risk in that? Privacy is a large concern.

Thank you for any replies!!


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