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Root [ROM][FINAL][4.1.]AOKP-CM10 Remix RC 2.4 by Burstlam


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Sep 4, 2010
Base on source code from Aokp and CM teams.
features: 2way call-recording, Overclock, AXI speedup to 200mhz, CIFS, TUN, ZRAM compcache, KSM, DM-cache enable.

You'll need at least 160mb system partition for the ROM and gapps to fit. Both gen1->gen2 and G2 TPTs are available at Amphoras' site.

AOKP-CM10 Remix RC 2.4


  • RIL (mobile network & data)
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth (& bt-tethering)
  • GPS
  • Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc)
  • Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering
  • Hardware video decoding & encoding
  • Camera (photos, camcorder & panorama)
  • SD card
  • USB-storage & adb
  • USB-tethering
  • Browser
  • Touchscreen/multi-touch
  • Sensors
  • LEDs
Not working:
  • FM radio

  • CM Commuity
  • Romanbb and AOKP team
  • Code Aurora Forum
  • tilal6991 and Konstat with their exploring of working Camera Cflags

Original thread
Changelog :

RC 2.4
- port rndis usb gadget and enable native usb tethering (credits to WaylandACE and KostaT)
- switch to ondemand governor , support boost event with CM commits.

- port back navbar transparency from my galaxy nexus aokp 4.2 project
- color fill method to notification background (port from CNA)
- power off hidable in power menu

RC 2.3.4
- backport wifi resume fix for wpa6 device (CM10)
- Wifi Settings: Allow to define the idle timeout (5 mn to 3 hours) (CM10)
- Fix Stream playing with Stock Browser (credits to Ganster and KostaT)

RC 2.3.3
- Bluetooth CAF upstream change (CM10)
- Countdown in Clock freezez with memory-hungry apps in background (CM10)
- fix zram init.d script (default on , setup in build.prop)
- minor surfaceflinger and ui fix ported back from ics branch

RC 2.3.2 (Full language version skipped)

RC 2.3.1
- dropped Ganster's patch with libcamera and rolled back to 4.1 Camera, bring back compatiblitiy with 4.2 Camera.
get back panaroma mode but have glitches with previews.

RC 2.3

Proper port back fix for Adreno HW Texture issue from ICS, credits to Konsta
Encoder Fix from WinSuk , hence fixed gallery preview issue completely.
adopt Viewfinder Color Fix for Camera.msm7x27 libs base on Gangster41 , (works pefect with Camera and Camorder but breaks panorama mode. )
Increasing RingTone (CM)
Alpha Settings with Circle Lockscreen

RC 2.2
build.prop fix for notifiation blur
update Jo
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