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Root (rom) honeycomb rom 3.2 for a85

i have tried its
W700 Android3.2 (Honeycomb) 0520 installed it perfectly, as per developer things that should work are

ROM features and functionality

Current work in the function of:
1, touch screen work;
2, gravity sensor work;
3, brightness adjustment;
4 compass
5, GPU work, including the system UI hardware acceleration;
6, voice work, including SRS audio;
7, built-in storage and an external memory card.
8, video player, work;
9, flash online video, work.
10, GSM/3G modules.
11, phone to make and receive work;
12, send and receive SMS.
13, Bluetooth.
14, GPS work
15, Tianyu W700 can also paste SRS 'patented label, transformed into a music phone, ha ha! but i tried n its too unstable and camera didn't work for me, n it restarts again and again, but really looks nice n feels wonderful, if u want i can send u that rom
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