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Rookie on Board

Hi all ! New to Android with an old tablet.Bought a Kocaso 1050S quite some time ago to see if Android was for me.Played with it for about 4 hours and put it back in the box.
After @ 1 year,I have it back out and playing around with it.Hoping to learn a bit more about it.A fair amount of reading leads me to believe I bought a "cheapy",and you get what you pay for.Anyway,I thought the price was right at the time for an experimental tablet.Maybe with some help,I can squeeze every penny's worth out of it.
Thanks in advance to any and all help or suggestions
Welcome to Android Forums detailer. I hope with the help of our friendly members we can help you find some enjoyment from your tablet. You might start your quest in the discussion area for the tablet. Kocaso Tablets - Android Forums
The general tablet discussion area should also prove valuable.
-- General Tablet Talk - Android Forums
Thanks for joining. Have fun..
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Kocaso threads are dated much like the tablet I will go general later on
So when would you like to talk guns?
Might have a few of those lying around

detailer, that invitation stands. That is actually a link to a sister site that's brand new. If you have an interest in firearms... give that line a click and you'll be redirected to Ballistcally Speaking... a great new fun forum.
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