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Root Root help

Thank you. I have one more thing to ask. Yes I know I shouldn't have been messing with stuff I don't know but I was intrigued by the whole rooting thing. I rooted my phone without doing extensive research. I tried to unroot it to start over and make sure I had it right. Well I messed up. I Cant download anything into my phone. I can't install the root again so I can undo my mistakes. Help, please.
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I didn't mess with any settings or change anything. I backed up my apps and stuff. I believed i was ready to do the rom install but I was not. Thats when i realized I did not do enough research. So I went to restore (I thought it did) and unroot. Now my apps are downgraded and im unable to install a towelroot. I promise I'll not touch it again if someone can walk me through a recovery.
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I feel like there is info missing here.
You rooted with towelroot, correct? Will need to know what happened while rooted. Did you have your bootloader unlocked? Did you remove any apps or files? How did you unroot? Did you use SU or just attempt a restore first? What did you use to perform your backup? Have you verified settings such as USB debugging on, outside sources allowed, etc?
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