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Root Rooted Acer Liquid E2 stuck at boot-up screen


Dec 25, 2013
I rooted my brand new Acer Liquid E2 today using Framaroot (link). After that I installed the Freedom application for free ingame purchases. In the settings of the Freedom application I saw there was an option to anable Freecore, made a little research to see what Freecore is for, and it turned out it helps for the hacking of some apps, so I turned it on to try it on "Angry Birds Go!" as without it I couldn't make free ingame purchases but the result was the same, so I decided to turn the Freecore option off. But when my phone rebooted after I removed the thick of Freecore i got stuck at acer logo (the green one saying "ACER"). I tried restarting it but keeps geting stuck at the logo, even after I removed my sd card (my phone was set to save everything on it, and not on the phones memory). I don't have a backup :(
Please help me guys... thanks in advance and best regards :)

PS: My brother has the same phone, we received them together, so I could probably make a back-up from his phone.


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