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I know I posted before but this time i'm serious. Just bought an Iphone. I have a rooted droid x running apex 1.3.1 for sale with 2 cases and extra battery

250$ or make me an offer ... willing to do meetup in NYC area but will ship to anywhere

emailing me would be faster fabiani.mike@gmail.com

Can you post some pics? What condition would you say the phone is in?
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Can you post some pics? What condition would you say the phone is in?

mint to near mint condition theres 1 little scratch on the top right corner other than that its mint. i also have a privacy screen protector on it. im about to leave for work in a few minutes but ill take some pics when i get home later on
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ebay name is mikeydoooodie yes clean esn and everything is included charger box sd card everything if the front looks weird is bc i have a PRIVACY screen protector on there

but remember its rooted running a custom rom so if you dont know how to play with roms i dunno if this is for you. i dont know how to turn it back to stock lolol



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