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Rooting a Cubot King Kong 3 - a few general questions


I'm interested in rooting a Cubot King Kong 3 phone (MT 6763 phone), which features Oreo 8.1, and I hope that I am currently posting in the correct forum category.

For my general understanding, I have a few questions and I really that somebody is so kind to help me shed some light on the following:

1. Is it possible to root any random phone just by unlocking the bootloader with ADB, flashing TWRP and then installing SuperSU in the recovery?

Is this the general approach I can use also on the Cubot King Kong 3? Or do I need a TWRP which is modified / customized for this phone? I would like to clarify this, before I do something and brick the phone.

2. What are some safety measures to take, before trying to root, so that I can reinstate the phone to the original state, if something goes wrong?

3. Do I have to disable any kind of data partition encryption so that I can root the phone? Or can I still root the phone without doing this?

4. What is a scatter file and for what is it used? I've read a lot of guides and it seems to be used only with SPFlash. Does this mean, that I do not need this, if root by going the ADB+TWRP+SuperSU route?

5. If after unlocking the bootloader with fastboot, I am getting the message "Orange State Your devices has been unlocked and can't be trusted. " at boot, then what went wrong and can this be fixed?

6. If after flashing the stock ROM, which Cubot provides on their forum, I get a red text "Not Verify" in the upper right corner of the screen every time the phone is on, then what went wrong and can this be fixed?

I am really thankful for your advice, you can't imagine!
The biggest safty measure is to make a backup in (TWRP) custom recovery. Check all partitions and back up to external sd or OTG. I recommend doing this before flashing a root package. SuperSu is my preference but most prefer Magisk.

Some of the worst fails/errors I have ever encountered were dm-verity (device mapper verification) and drk (device root key).
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Apparently there is an "unofficial" TWRP root method for this phone.

Of course I've got no idea if this will actually work, or if it will brick your device.

Good luck!

Thank you for the link. I've already came across this post, but I was a little bit reluctant to just flash the TWRP. Is it possible to to take proper safety measures beforehand, so that regardless what the TWRP does, I can reinstate the phone to the original state?
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