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Help rooting on 4.3

Hello, Im new to all this forum fun so if I'm in the wrong place please direct me there! Im looking into rooting my gs3 and to be honest, i have no idea how to do it. I have the at&t version of the gs3 and i just recently did a software update and I'm now running android 4.3. I'm sure my question has already been asked, and I'm sure there are threads somewhere on this site but I don't even know where to begin! How do i root my phone? Where do i go to do it?

please help!
Hello and welcome btv1993:)
Here is a good place to start!
Just be sure to read up and fully understand the root process, and if there is anything unfamiliar to you, just ask!!
It may also be a swell idea to check out the process on how to undo the root to get your phone back to stock....just in case ya know? ;)
Like I said, just ask if you are not sure of something:)

(AT&T) Galaxy S3 - All Things Root - Android Forums
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