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Help Running Android x86 on Centos 7


Nov 9, 2022
Hello, I'm trying to run Android OS on a centos VPS following this tutorial:
I've done all this via ssh with no remote desktop access, after the installation i have a Android directory with various files in it.

Then it says
Volá! Now you are ready with android x86 desktop O.S.
Reboot and you will see a boot entry with Android x86 tag

So I've rebooted and logged back in via ssh but its still on centos, i did not see any boot entry with Android x86 tag, although I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

I'm not sure where to go from here to get android working.
Wait is it possible running Android x86 on Centos 7? It always seemed to me that CentOS was created only for using it on a computer, because it is a Linux distribution. Moreover, I recently found out about centos 7 eol, and thereby secured my operating system 100%. However, I never thought that there is CentOS on Android x86, I will need to read about it on the Internet and find out as much as possible, because it really interested me. I'm sorry, of course, that I can't help you, but I just wanted to express my opinion about it.
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