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Help Running apps keep restarting


Jul 7, 2013
Hi, I have travelled around the Internet to find a solution to my problem and I have started to ask everywhere I can to solve it, because noone seems to know how to do it... :(

I bought a LG Otimus L5 last year, it's still perfect, never fallen, etc...
Since April/March it has developed this strange behaviour...
Even if I leave it in my pocket all day, suddenly some apps begin to restart over and over again (e.g. facebook, whatsapp, google maps, viber...), first one, then two, then four, a few hours later ALL running apps crash and restart continuously. This makes the phone unuseful (because even the Home and the Menu keep restarting) and if I realize this is happening I restart the device, and everything is all right again for a while. But if I don't notice it, the battery fastly drains and a full charge can last just a few hours.

Thus, I uninstalled quite every app I had on it, and in these months it never happened again. The other day I updated my device to Jelly Bean 4.1, and I tried to reinstall those apps to see if the problem had been solved automatically. Not at all. After having reinstalled those apps, after a few hours of running, they began to restart as I explained above.

I'd like to avoid to bring the phone back to the shop for check-out and support, can you help me to find a solution?

Thaaaaaaanks :)

Davide :smokingsomb:


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