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lg optimus l5

  1. E

    Help! Android Optimus LG keeps restarting every half hour

    My husband and I both have same phone. Both of them keep rebooting all the time, even in the middle of a phone call! I can't get the phones to stop doing this. Is anyone else's phone doing this, and is there a way to correct it?
  2. apsabareesh

    Root LG E450 Security Error

    recently I deleted some build-in apps in ma phone. But after restarting it shows Security Error dialog with LG logo and turns off automatically.. I hv rooted ma phone, plz someone help me to get out off this problem
  3. C

    Help Help! All apps keep closing on my LG

    i got this phone last year in september and up to last month it worked just fine it started when play store crashed for me after that all google apps just kept crashing i've had enough so i uninstalled all google apps and then re installed them wich helped with google but still not the play...
  4. M

    White screen.

    My phone has a white screen. You hear musical but can't do anything else. Please help me
  5. 6

    LG Optimus L5 FM Radio

    My LG Optimus L5 from Bell Canada did not come with the stock app for FM radio. I know the international models have this, so I am thinking there is hardware capability in my phone too, but its missing the firmware in the Canadian version. Can someone refer me to the APK for the stock FM...
  6. D

    Root trash bin stored in phone

    Does the optimus 5 have a trash bin stored in the phone with delected items from tge phone.
  7. X

    Help LG-E610 stuck after software upgrade with LG PC Suite

    Hello, before writing here I have searched everywhere but haven't found similar problem. I tried to update LG-E610 using LG PC Suite, but something went wrong. I have NOT disconnected it before PC Suite told me to do so. On my phone screen is always the same "Download is in progress. Do not...
  8. FardingAround

    Help Optimus Extreme and Custom roms

    I just wanted to ask a quick question about my version of the L5. While so far on any forum I've posted (outside this one) no one has gotten back with me about me being able to unlock my phone from the provider. After playing around with the phone myself, I've realized that my provider simply...
  9. A

    Help I dropped my LG L5 phone in water.

    I dropped my phone, into water. I tried repeatedly turning it on (Which I later learned was a no-no). It stayed on a black screen, but the phone itself worked. Only the screen didn't. Anyone know why? Anyone know where I can get it fixed? Please help. -Bella Rae.
  10. FardingAround

    Root Possibly unrooted, with network unlocking issues

    I've had so many problems with this site today with this nginx error running rampant; yesterday this site seemed fine. I'm just hoping I can post this, and not accidentally post several times. I'm posting in the root section in case my talk of rooting my phone requires it to be here. If it...
  11. K

    Help Problem after rooting my E-615 psl help

    Hi, i yust rooted my e615 with unlockroot method and all goes well, phone has worked perfectly till first restart. After that i culdnt install any app, 3th party or from google play, everything else worked normal, so i thought maybe hard reset will help, so i hard reseted it. Now i dont have any...
  12. Sabaselfsit

    Help Android 4.0.4 to 4.x

    Not much activity on the L5 forum in here, but I'll try anyway. My friends LG Optimus L5 with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 has become a bit unstable sometimes. Will upgrading to Jelly Bean 4.x something be a good idea? I downloaded the PC-Suit from LG, but noticed it was written there at the...
  13. U

    Help Help!!!!!!!!!:( lg optimus l5 stuck on white screen!!!

    My LG Optimus L5 is stuck on white screen. I can't seem to get it on download mode:( . Any help or suggestions would be great. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!"
  14. D

    Help Running apps keep restarting

    Hi, I have travelled around the Internet to find a solution to my problem and I have started to ask everywhere I can to solve it, because noone seems to know how to do it... :( I bought a LG Otimus L5 last year, it's still perfect, never fallen, etc... Since April/March it has developed this...
  15. ehm01

    Root Can't root my LG L5 phone

    I'm trying to ROOT my phone, an LG L5 that is unlocked. I try SuperOneCLick and also SRSRoot. neither one worked. It find the phone, start the rooting process then at the end show a message that the phone is not rooted. Nothing else. I read here many people doing it on this phone, so I'm not...
  16. ehm01

    Help Keyboard stop working. non responsive

    I saw this problem in many other phones and Android versions here on this forum, where people complain about the keyboard being unresponsive, stop working at all. for those who have the prediction ON, the phone still showing prediction words, but nothing goes to the application. I tough that...
  17. C

    Help charging light?

    When i got my lg l5 i thought it had a light at the top when charging and a light when i recived messages . My lg had been sent to be fixed after it would not start up . I have just got it back but there is no charging or message light . I had been without it so long im not even completly sure...
  18. B

    Help Software

    Yesterday I updated the software and I have a problem with the screen, turns red when I touch him and all applications open much harder. Please help me to rollback the software or give me an updated version. I would be most grateful if you would look into this matter as soon as possible.
  19. A

    LG Optimus L5 USB OTG problem

    I installed all possible usb host application but none of them detect any usb device. A particular app gave me an error S3C USB drivers not found. is there a solution to this problem?
  20. F

    Help Please, help if you can.

    So.. Obviously, its the Optimus L5. Cheap and cheerful.. or not :c I was able to play games, use camera, watch pictures, videos etc etc on the phone. Not anymore. Once, the battery died and the phone shut off. When I turned it back on, it was no longer working properly. If I entered a game...
  21. B

    Help need help lg l5 e610

    Hi, I own a LG E610 L5 and works very hard, I hard reset hoping it would get better but so I tried to make them root but it does not work, there's a way to make it run faster, can install another version of android is older or newer? Please help me. Sorry but I do not know English and...
  22. A

    Help newbie!!!

    Hey all, am a newcomer to androids, and also to this forum so first of all hello!!!!!! now, I need some help with my Optimus L5 - tell me all, is it possible to assign individual ringtones? if so, how the heck do I do it??? with other phones I have a memory of needing to copy numbers from sim...
  23. K

    Root LG Optimus L5 Camera fault

    Hello I have an LG Optimus L5 that I have rooted, now the camera has a fault.:confused: I have no view finder image when I open the camera app. All the buttons for settings & picture type etc. show but no image. I can still take photos but I do not know what I am focused on. Help Please.
  24. H

    Help com.android.gallery3d has stopped

    FIXED, READ POSTS Hey, I ran into a problem with my LG Optimus L5, running android 4.0 Whenever I try to view my pictures they appear all black in the gallery, and even when I click on them they don't show. The only way I got them to show was by rotating them... Also, when I click edit on a...
  25. T

    Help Flash settings on L5

    Regards to all! I have a question regarding the Flash player settings on Lg L5, with Android 4.0 on it...can it be adjusted or are my dreams of watching live stream stuff on my LG just my dreams? If it is possible please advise me how to set it up... Thanks and RGDS!