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running linux and then phone apps on top of linux


Jan 25, 2012
Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful (hardware wise), so I just have this idea that I wanted to ask .....
Okay, I know that Linux can be installed on top of android. And I also realize that android is essentially Linux.
Here is how I see it, when someone install Linux on top of android (or parallel however you want to call it), it is primarily a phone and Linux as secondary feature.

How about the other way around? Could Linux be installed on smartphones AND THEN phone as an application? So that Linux would be a primarily function and phone becoming just one of many applications it can do. Please, don't say that this is what smartphone is. Just because one can play angry birds on smartphone, it is not equivalent to a computer (software wise).
What I am trying to say is that .... imagine smartphone as a FULLY functional Linux computer (just like a typical Linux laptop/desktop and not limited by what one can download from apps stores). So one could use the device as a computer (primarily), and phone calls via cell signal and use Internet connection via 3g/4g (whatever the mobile companies offer or whatever services you are paying to the phone companies).

Sorry, if it sounds like a silly question...


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