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Help S Memo lost calendar info


Jul 10, 2013
Hello! Later on in this afternoon I will head over to my aunt to help her with her phone and thought it might be a good idea to do some digging first. She has S Memo installed on her phone and has a problem with it. She seems to have lost her calendar info. I do not know all the details yet about what happened, I will have to ask her about that first, but this is what I know so far:

She exported her calendar from S Memo to her computer to create a backup. The export made a .zip file with an .ics file in it. I think she then somehow imported that .ics file from her computer to her phone again and then all her calendar info disappeared. So now she has an empty calendar on her phone, and an encrypted .ics file on her computer.

Do you guys know how I could get her calendar back? I don't actually own an android phone, I currently (sorry to say) own an iPhone.. But I'm good with computers and phones so I think I can figure it out with a little of your help!

I read the information on this topic by sir Doogald (Can't link to it as a new forumer, hi by the way) called Google calendar disappeared, but I am not sure if she's experiencing the same problem or that it's something else, again I don't know all the details yet. (When she called me and after I had read that topic I asked her if she uses Google Calendar, thinking she might use it to sync her calendars, either she does not know that she uses it or she just does not use it at all, because she told me what I told you about the encrypted .ics file and everything).

Has anyone ever had this problem and fixed it?
If so, please do reply!

Never mind, I fixed it.

She made a backup of her phone with Samsung Kies on her computer, during that process she somehow lost all her data from S Memo and S Planner, but I fixed it by restoring those apps to their corresponding backups. Something she could not do after it happened; to restore from those backups she had to tick the checkboxes for those apps in Samsung Kies but they couldn't be checked and remained grey. Weird.
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