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S21 Ultra send text over blue tooth


Jun 10, 2021
I have recently upgraded to a Samsung S21 Ultra from a Razor. I am connected to my 2017 GMC intellink via blue tooth. With my old Razor (do not remember witch version of Android) I was able to receive and make calls and receive and send texts. With my Samsung S21 I am able to receive and make calls, but only receive texts,
I am not able to send texts unless I plug in a USB cable. My Blue tooth settings on my S21 for my GMC intellink connection has calls, audio. contact access and message access all enabled.

I have noticed that when I push the voice button on my steering wheel that google assistant comes up on my phone but the voice is muted on my truck speakers while on bluetooth. But if I connect by USB cable everything works fine. I have been on google and did a search and this issue seems to have been around for awhile and I have not been able to find a solution. Does anyone know of a solution to get google assistant to work over
bluetooth ? I do not think I should have to plug a USB cable into my phone every time I step into my truck just to send a text message.
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