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S22 Ultra cannot send MMS/photos

Oh that's awesome to hear!!
We bought my wife the S22 Ultra and tried to get it ready 2 days before Christmas for her so she could take pictures that morning. But the MMS broke and we could not figure it out at all! We tried EVERYTHING that people here suggested: clearing cache, rebooting, delete messages, APN reset, network reset, all kinds of things....
When it worked for her, we thought... let's see what happens on the other phones.
EVERYONE got an upgrade for Christmas. So the S22 Ultra, S22+ and S22 all had the same problem. In fact, after the S22 Ultra was fixed. When we started the other phones, the Ultra could no longer send to the 22+, 22 and iphone!
My wife said "Must be the same issue".
I did the MMS Block on the other 3 phones.... and my wife could text them all again from the Ultra. And the other phones can text OUT.

We said we have GOT to put this on a forum so people try this. I can't imagine how many people get new S22x phones, and have this problem!!! Verizon would be smart to just say go re-set the blocking....
or automatically do it for customers or something. I mean, my wife was in TEARS with frustration not getting it to work.

Glad this fixed your issue!

Oh wow, this fixed the problem with my S22 Ultra, too! Verizon even went so far as to send me a WHOLE NEW PHONE when their tech support couldn't determine the issue a few weeks ago, like the phone itself was broken? But when the new device had the same exact inability to send and receive picture messages over text, I went digging once again and found your answer. Thank you SO MUCH for finding the solution and sharing it with everyone, this takes so much aggravation off my plate.
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