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S3 - What can be backed up without rooting?


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Aug 21, 2010
I just got a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I want to find out what my backup options are.

On my prior Android Phone - an HTC Incredible - I used backup Assistant and was able to recover stuff like contacts and calendar when it crashed the other day. Google Market/Play was able to recover all the apps I had downloaded.


  • I had a lot of other apps that I wrote and installed myself (I'm an Android developer) - I had to put all those back on manually.
  • Almost all apps have settings and I had to manually set all those up again, which took a long time.
  • Most (but not all - I don't get that part) of vids and pics I took were gone.
  • All the phone settings - ringtones, wallpaper, timeouts, network passwords, etc, etc) were gone and not recovered.
  • I had to reconfigure my email - IMAP settings, passwords, ports, etc - none of that was backed up and recovered.
  • Text messages were gone (luckily I had backed those up separately)

So, on my S3 I want a better backup experience: Is there any more complete backup/restore without rooting?

Thanks in advance.
In order to backup any application data (I believe this includes settings) you will need root access

Not really. Sms are application data, based in /data/data/ but can be accessed and backed up by all sorts of apps. All application data is there so some of it can be backed up.

That said, my backup pro is the best without root. Root IS better
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