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Help S5 (Verizon) Can't access SD Card HELP


Dec 17, 2012
I have a S5 running 4.4.4

About a week ago... my SD card stopped working... I could not access any files on it, or even see it under Storage menu (said Mount SD Card) I take the card out and pop into my laptop... works fine, I can see all the files, etc. I check online for solutions. I order a new 32GB Class 10 Samsung Mico SD Card. I copy the files from old card to new card... still does not work. I then wipe and factory reset my phone (big pain in the a$$) It finally recodnizes the card! Then as soon as I restarted my phone BAM, it doesnt work again... any suggestions?

Is this because of KitKat changes to SD cards? PLEASE HELP!!!
Is this because of KitKat changes to SD cards? PLEASE HELP!!!

NO, it's not.

I had S3's before I upgraded to the S5, and went through three of them, and countless SD cards. Seemed the S3 "ate" SD cards, as in all (but one) of the cases, working cards suddenly stopped working -- like yours.

When I switched to a Samsung SD card, in the last S3, the problem stopped.

And, it has not happened since with my S5.

What I learned was to copy anything I needed to keep OFF the SD card onto my PC as soon as possible.

My suggestion would have been to switch to a Samsung SD card, but since you've already tried that, don't know what to suggest.
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